Vacuum / Cupping massage
Vacuum massage is an effective non-invasive method of natural rejuvenation, providing not only a cosmetic, but also a therapeutic effect.
Static and dynamic movements with vacuum suction cups activate internal processes within facial tissues.
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During vacuum massage the suction effect pulls blood into the area of skin underneath the cup. This saturates the surrounding tissue with fresh blood and promotes new blood vessel formation.

Running metabolic processes within the skin cells are carried out even for several days after the procedure.
Vacuum massage is a pleasant care procedure. The suction promotes increased blood circulation, which may help relieve muscle tension, activate the lymphatic outflow of fluid (lymphatic drainage), strengthen small capillaries and blood vessels, promote cell repair, and aid in regeneration by stimulating cells responsible for collagen production.
Vacuum massage gives excellent results
after the first session:
lifting naturally cheekbones, upper eyelid and forehead areas
toning chin, jawline, neck, and décolletage
regulation of the volume of facial adipose tissue in the chin and cheeks
minimizing the appearance of scars, fine lines and wrinkles
relaxing muscle tension, including masseter muscle
decreasing puffiness and "bags" under the eyes
reducing facial redness from rosacea
brightening and smoothing skin color, regulate oil production
Information before booking
Please avoid booking if you have one of the following states:

  • unsafe for pregnancy
  • herpes (in the relapse stage)
  • inflammation in acute stage or other virus desease
  • diseases of the oral cavity in acute stage
  • gums bleeding
  • oncology
  • thyroid disease (during an exacerbation or in progressive stage)
  • skin diseases in acute stage
  • pathology of lymphatic system
  • infectious diseases
  • hypertension (stage 3)
  • blood clotting diseases
Combination with other aesthetic medicine procedures
The procedures of manual rejuvenation techniques can be provided:

Mesotherapy, biorevitalization:
non later than 2 day before injection of mesotherapy or biorevitalization
non earlier than 2 weeks after injection of mesotherapy or biorevitalization

Botox :
non later than 1 day before injection of botulinum toxin
non earlier than 4 weeks after injection of botulinum toxin

Fillers (Hyaluronic acid):
8-12 months after fillers injections (complete resorption of fillers)

Fillers (synthetic):

all massage techniques are contraindicated!

Mesothreads, 3D-threads. APTOS threads, absorbable threads:
after 3-8-12 months (depending on the manufacturer) - after complete biodegradation of threads (resorption)

Non-absorbable threads (gold threads, etc.):

all massage techniques are contraindicated!

Aesthetic cosmetology procedures accompanied by a violation of the integrity of the skin:
after complete restoration of the integrity of the skin
  • 30 min
  • Vacuum massage
  • Gentle cleanse
  • Serum & Moisturizer
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  • 60 min
  • Vacuum massage
  • Gentle cleanse
  • Organic mask
  • Hand or feet massage
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