Facial Diagnostic is a very important step before starting any face work (procedures). It needs to be done by a specialist visually, or by manual contacts which ensure a deeper evaluation of the situation.
Visual and manual diagnostics of the face and neck stimulates the main areas of the attention, and focuses on analyzing the current state of facial tissues and structures.

The client actively participates in the diagnostic process, gets to know his/her face and helps the specialist to reach a more accurate result.

During the process, the client learns:
• to look at the face from a unique perspective
• to feel every part and structure
• to manage physical, and psychological states of the face

Each consultation includes filling out a diagnostic card. Based on the results the specialist recommends the ideal options for preventive treatment and correction for the best anti-aging results.
INDIVIDUAL diagnostic requires:
  • Physical presence in the esthetic centrum
  • Facial Diagnostic appointment - booked in advance
  • 30-40 minutes
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