Buccal / Intraoral massage
Buccal massage is a unique deep tissue massage and a contouring method with a mechanical and reflex effect on the face muscles.

Intensive manual stimulation of muscles fibres on the inside through the oral cavity allows to stretch the tense muscle and restore its physiological length.

Face Form Studio

Buccal massage shows incredible results after already several procedures: it provides face lifting, promotes face weight loss, helps to tone facial muscles.
A distinctive feature is to develop deeply muscle fibers that cannot be reached from the outside. Facial muscles are worked out simultaneously from both sides - from the outside and from the inside through the oral cavity.
The technique helps perfectly to sculpt the face along three lines:
- the lower jaw and chin,
- cheekbones and cheeks,
- eyebrows.
And, like no other type of massage, it works deeply with the masseters.
What results are expected?
face shape becomes clear and toned
cheeks and fat packs of the lower part of the face are reduced
nasolabial folds and wrinkles around the lips are smoothed
puffiness and "bags" under the eyes are decreased
skin becomes smooth and elastic, and the color is uniform and radiant
tight or painful jaw muscles are relaxed and the psychoemotional state is normalized
  • 30 min
  • Buccal massage
  • Gentle cleanse
  • Serum & Moisturizer
950 CZK
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  • 60 min
  • Buccal massage
  • Gentle cleanse
  • Organic mask
  • Hand or Feet massage
1700 CZK
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