Aesthetic face and neck taping
Aesthetic facial taping is a powerful tool for correcting facial aesthetic problems, which increases the effectiveness of beauty and anti-age procedures and prolongs their effect.
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Classic kinesiology tape is a thin, cotton material with an adhesive on one side that is meant to mimic the human skin both in elasticity and thickness. It is made to support joints and muscles in order to encourage and promote the body's natural healing processes. When the tape is attached to the skin, the skin is easily tightened and pulled away from the muscles. This space between them can help increase fluid (lymphs and blood) circulation in the affected areas by lifting the skin and gradually smoothing out wrinkles.
Still, many people are unaware of the innovative uses for kinesiology tape that can benefit health and improve quality of life. All facial taping techniques, such as Lymphatic Drainage Taping, Lifting Taping or Muscle Relaxing Taping, are physiological and safe.
The correct technique according to indications gives visible positive results immediately:
face oval tightened, clear features are visible
drooping upper eyelids lifted
visibility of crow's feet, frown lines and wrinkles on the forehead reduced
neck straightened and wrinkles on the neck reduced
second chin reduced
puffiness of the face and bags under eyes decreased
deep nasolabial folds and wrinkles around mouth smoothed
facial muscles relaxed, tight or painful jaw muscles alleviated
  • 15-20 min
600 CZK
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  • 40 min
900 CZK
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