Manual Facial Rejuvenation
  • Do you want to renew your face, remove the wrinkles and the first signes of aging?
  • Do you want to push up and shape your face?
  • Do you want to release the face muscles from the stress intentions and remove the tissues fatigue and sagging?
Let your face and relax in the heart of Prague, where we will guide you through a personal journey of natural rejuvenation and restoration of the natural shape and glow of your face .
You are in the right place!
Recommended for those looking for natural face rejuvenation without surgical and invasive manipulations with less time and cost-effective. All treatments are focused on lifting and sculpting the face, and restore its natural elasticity and firmness.

All our treatments are crafted with 100% natural ingredients. They awaken senses and create instantly visible results to improve the tone, texture and clarity of your face and mind.
All facial treatments include:
deep manual techniques of facial rejuvenation
SCULPTURAL FACELIFT is based on the unique technique of facial rejuvenation known as
Sculptural Face Lifting Method.

This effective technique of natural rejuvenation and face contouring conquered the hearts of thousands women and men worldwide, including beauty editors and celebrities.

It is ideal for anyone who committed to a healthy lifestyle and prefers holistic alternatives to invasive lifting procedures.
SCULPTURAL FACELIFT is performed manually only, no machines or gadgets, through an individual approach to each client, in-depth study of facial muscles and the manual impact on the facial bones of the skull.
Benefits of SCULPTURAL FACELIFT are numerous and profound on many levels. After each treatment the face "opens'' and starting to "breath".

As additional benefits the procedure improves the psycho-emotional state, brings a feeling of happiness and no-stress attitude. The effect is reached thanks to elimination of muscle tension and emotional blocks.
Single treatment
ideal for brides, before parties, meetings, dates or social events.
Course of treatments
for permanent cumulative results and deep problem solving
SCULPTURAL FACELIFT with Buccal Massage for Men is designed for their specific skin and face needs.

It is a deep workout involving facial muscles externally and internally which tones, strengthens and relaxes the face. By improving circulation, lymphatic drainage, the elasticity and firmness is restored.
This detoxifying and invigorating facial treatment clear mind, as well as remove physical and emotional blocks that show up on the face.

After the treatment the skin becomes glowing and your facial muscles sculpted, lifted and relaxed.
Single treatment
ideal between meetings, before parties and social events.
Course of treatments
for permanent cumulative results and deep problem solving
SPLIT-MASSAGE is a patented technique for manual correction of age-related changes in the face, neck and décolleté area, developed by Larisa Vitvinova (Latvia).

SPLIT-MASSAGE- anti-aging facial therapy. As a result of a complex of techniques and procedures, the shape of the face is tightened and the features become clearer, muscles tone and condition of the soft tissues of the face and neck improve, the quality and turgor of the skin increase.
The methodology of face rejuvenation is based on deep study of the root causes of age-related changes on the face and neck, medical knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the face, as well as practical experience of working with different types of faces and signs of aging.

SPLIT-MASSAGE is based on approaches used in plastic surgery, aesthetic osteopathy, manual therapy, facial fitness and massage techniques.
SPLIT-MASSAGE is an excellent prevention of age-related changes, effective correction of many aesthetic problems and makes it possible to shape the face at any age from 25 to 65 years. The visible result will pleasantly surprise both, women and men.
Single treatment
ideal between meetings,
before parties and social events
Course of treatments
for permanent cumulative results and
deep problem solving
KOBIDO je japonská liftingová dynamická masáž
využívající na 45 tepajících vyhlazujících a perkusních hmatů pro uvolnění odvodnění vyhlazení obličeje.

Její kořeny sahají až k japonským císařovnám, které podstupovaly tuto masáž pro omlazení, nahrazovala ve své době plastickou chirurgii
Od 2700 CZK
Buccal / Intraoral
Buccal/Intraoral face massage is among one of the most powerful and effective methods of natural rejuvenating and healing the face. This technique of muscle work out through the oral cavity was presented by the french woman Joelle Siocco, who made many discoveries in the field of cosmetology and biochemistry.

Buccal massage can be offered as a separate course, it is a part of SCULPTURAL FACELIFT program,
also perfectly complements SPLIT-MASSAGE treatment and other natural rejuvenation techniques, enhancing the effectiveness of most anti-age programs.

Vacuum / Cupping massage
Vacuum massage is an effective non-invasive method of natural rejuvenation, providing not only a cosmetic, but also a therapeutic effect. Static and dynamic movements with vacuum suction cups activate internal processes within facial tissues.
Aesthetic face and neck taping
Aesthetic facial taping is a powerful tool for correcting facial aesthetic problems, which increases the effectiveness of beauty and anti-age procedures and prolongs their effect.
FaceForm MINI "Refresh&GO"
Short of time? Planning any important date or social event?

This 30 Minute Express Facial is great for anyone on the go, looking for a quick face refresh and a boost of energy.

FaceForm Beauty Rituals
FaceForm Beauty rituals are fully customized facials founded on the philosophy of relaxation as key to optimal results for your skin, while solving specific problems. A luxurious treatments combine a complete care with pure organic products supplemented with elements of deep facial massage and sculptural face lifting techniques.
Your skin will be cleansed and refreshed, face muscles relaxed and the face naturally enhanced.